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Most of our lives, relationships, time, stresses, and anxieties tend to be wrapped up in the “sand” elements of life (the nonessential & non-urgent), not the essential rocks (the essential & the urgent).

The “ROCKS BEFORE SAND" paradigm is about living life on the essential rocks. It is about focusing our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors on our essential rocks first:

FAITH (our identity & foundation)

HEALTH (our present & future)

FAMILY & FRIENDS (our relationships)

CAREER & SERVICE (our purpose)

COMMUNITY (our impact)



to build lives on the ROCK



We foster reflection, growth, and encouragement to build ourselves, others, families, relationships, and careers on the essential rocks so that we can withstand all the challenges that come our way.


Core Values: 

"I SEA" what is most essential.


About me

I'm Bethany, founder of Rocks Before Sand and BR Essential Services

Life is unbelievably demanding. Between raising two children and managing a career, I have not only seen but experienced what it is like to live an unbalanced life. So many of us find our life, from time to time, is out of focus. Life is made up of two things:Ā essential rocks and sand. When we focus on the sand, we don't last. Eventually, we sink or get washed away with the tides of life. I decided to start sharingĀ encouragement and inspiration for others to zoom out and live life based on theĀ essential rocks; the foundations and strongholds that keep us together.Ā 

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I'm so glad you're here. 

Let's focus on the essential rocks...

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